Quick Essentials To Know About Fixed Gear Bicycles

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Fixed gear bicycles or fixie bikes, as they are commonly referred to, are bicycles without any free wheel mechanism. They have a drivetrain like any normal bicycle, but what they lack is the free wheel mechanism. The development of the free wheel was done long ago, but the fixie bikes remained as track bikes. They were bikes which were basically used for racing competitions. The fixie bike is becoming increasingly popular these days and it surely is more simplistic when compared to its multi geared counterpart.

The fixed gear bike was mainly made for cyclists in urban areas, they are generally fast and the most suitable for individuals who run several errands. That is because they offer the basic qualities for any fast response errand. They are generally light and quite streamlined. For anyone who has the need for speed this is the recommended type because it has that racing design.


These bikes often tend to incorporate this type of structure in order for the pedals to remain stagnant or stationery when the bicycle is still mobile. This allows the cyclist the chance to coast, this is a term used to refer to the type of cycling where a cyclist doesn’t pedal. Instead, he or she uses the forward momentum available. A fixie bike’s drivetrain has its cog or drive sprocket bolted or screwed directly to the back wheels hub. This enables the cyclist to continue pedaling. The pedals turn in the same direction as the back wheel.

All these modifications come in handy to a cyclist, this is because all that increases your cycling capabilities by enhancing the braking system. You are allowed to apply a braking pressure with your legs and your body weight, this is made possible due to the fact that a fixie bike’s structure enables you to resist the revolution of the cranks. All fixed gear bicycles have one thing in common, they are all single speed. There is no chance that a derailleur can be fitted to the bicycle. This is because the chain cannot have any slack.

The only possible solution is going to the hub gearing. This is a mechanism that allows you to install your gear modifications at the back wheel. This will bring to place a multi speed arrangement to the fixie bike. Some fixie bikes only have the front brakes while others do not have brakes at all.

The functions

There are many roles that a fixie bike can serve. They are mainly used by messengers in big cities. Their speed and efficient pedaling systems give them an upper hand when it comes to cycling. Paper delivery boys or girls at times use fixed gear bikes to deliver newspapers in neighborhoods. Among the most important uses of fixie bikes is racing. Fixed bikes can be optimized and with a few modifications they can be made into track bikes. These types of bikes are used to race in outdoor tracks or velodromes. The good pedaling style is what makes them so efficient.

Also, they are used by hill climbers. Their braking systems lend a helping hand when it comes to scaling these rough terrains. This is because when you look at the stable pedaling system you are allowed to maintain your balance in rocky patches. Also, it can come in handy when you’re tired, the pedaling system helps in in pedaling. It generally makes your work easier.

Fixie bikes are generally used in competition scenarios. It might be cycle ball, bike polo or even artistic cycling. The design of a fixie bike suits all these sports. Their simplistic mode of usage and lower maintenance costs are among the few things that are making these bikes so popular. They are easily fixable and do not require the amount of maintenance that other bikes require. This is majorly due to the fact that gears are what make a bicycle prone to damage. The gears are usually the most worn out parts of any multi geared bicycle, the constant oiling and the continuous turning of the cogs ensure that the gear needs repair half of the time it is actually in use.

The advantages

The most beckoning feature on a fixed gear bicycle is its low weight. Without the other added parts that a bicycle has, the weight of this specific type of bike is generally reduced. Its geared equivalents have a lot of weight because at times they have increased bars in their makeup. The metals used to make multi geared bikes are often heavier due to the fact that they will be supporting more weight than the fixie bikes. A fixie bike’s drive chain mechanism is also the most efficient since it transfers maximum power from the cyclist’s legs to the pedals hence can make the riding easier.

Now that you know more about fixie bikes, pay us a visit if you want to purchase one. We have a wide selection of fixed gear bicycles that can definitely meet different budgets and preferences.

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