About Regal Bicycles

Regal Bicycles was started by Toronto native Ray Ahmed, who after losing his job in the great recession of 2008/09, was looking for an affordable way to commute. After grabbing his first bike he fell in love with cycling when Toronto had almost no bike lanes. Fast forward to 2012 he decided to take his new found passion and build a business. Scraping together whatever savings he had he started Regal Bicycles and has grown and improved on the product every year. Regal Bicycles has been a labour of love for Ray, who is still fully engaged in all aspects of the business and especially loves interacting with customers directly.

Our little online store has grown from only offering a couple of classic bikes to carrying 3 distinct bicycle frame styles, dozens of colour combinations, and four sizes to choose from – all while offering free shipping across Canada and the U.S.

We pride ourselves in the quality of our product and our customer service, and when issues arise, we are always here to help and take care of our customers.

2022 promises to be best with all bike frames made with double butted 4130 Chromoly and further improving the quality of the bike parts. We work hard to keep our bicycle affordable while providing a product our customer can love.


Our mission is simple: to make cycling accessible, affordable and fun.

You can ride our Classics and Premiums as fixed gear or single speed. But what's the difference?

A fixed gear bicycle, or a fixie bike, is a bicycle that does not have freewheel capabilities, meaning you cannot coast. In basic terms, the pedals are always moving. If you pedal forward, your fixie bike will move forward; if you pedal backward, your fixed gear bicycle will move backwards. Pedaling backwards can also slow the bike to a stop, by resisting the rotation of the pedals. Some experienced fixie bike riders remove the brake cables altogether, opting to pedal backwards or skid to brake themselves.

Fixed gear bikes are light, very efficient and easy to maintain (fewer moving parts means fewer broken down parts). They are extremely maneuverable and fun to ride!

The rear hub on all Regal Bicycles is reversible, giving you the choice to ride our bicycles as single speed bikes as well. Single speed bikes have the same gear ratio as fixed gear bicycles, but they allow the rider to coast. Riding downhill on a single speed bike will give your legs a rest, since you do not have to continuously pedal as you would in fixed gear cycling!

All of our bicycles, by default, are set up as single speed bikes with both front and rear brakes.

Setting your bicycle up as a fixie bike can be done very easily by flipping the rear wheel.