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3-Speed Fox
Grant S.
My new ride.

The bike is great. Easy to assemble. Unfortunately the wheels are not very true. Have to have them straightened at a local bike shop. But overall a good bike. Can hardly wait to get out and ride in the spring.

Great Wheels

The wheels are true and the braking surface feels great. The sealed hubs allow for a buttery smooth ride.

Room To Improve A Great Bike

Beautiful bike, rides well! Quiet ride, ideal gear ratio, handles well when turning. Included petal straps are handy (I ride free wheel, haven't used the straps).
Has only two threaded eyelets and leaves me wanting, no eyelets near the rear wheel mounting point limits options for rear-racks for no obvious reason. No eyelets on the front, no mounting plate for a kick-stand either. Adding extra mounting points would improve this bike (and save me the headache of finding compatible parts).

3 Speed Wheelset Black

The Guardian - Limited Edition

3-Speed Viscount
Natasha J.
I love my new bike!

My whole experience with Regal has been excellent! The bike arrived in lightening speed (I ordered it on a Saturday and it arrived on my doorstep in Ottawa the following Tuesday). Everything needed to assemble the bike was included and the assembly instructions are clear and simple. Like many of the other reviews, I find the bike rides really well and is great for zipping around the city. I am transitioning from years of fixed gear riding and, I must say, having shifting options is fantastic. Plus it looks really cool! Overall: looks great, rides great!! Thanks Regal!!

Great bike for a newly retired guy

Biked on & off most of my life. The last 7 years biking got parked for a personal/family commitment in my life that needed my full attention., at 65, I'm retired and I started day-dreaming about the physical & emotional highs of pushing the pedals.

Given my nature towards simplicity, I wanted a new bike that embraced such simplicity and was dependable, so the thought of one-speeds started to intrigue me. That led me to the Regal site and the positive reviews en masse sold me on a getting a Regal.

However, my memory of my gold, 3-speed Raleigh from 1970 and how I would conquer any hill, or any of my friends with their fancy banana-seat, monkey-barred bikes on the flat/downhill got me to thinking about a smidge more complexity and I went with the 3-speed Stealth. Very glad I did.

If you're retired, or about to be retired, seriously consider a 3-speed Regal! It's the perfect balance between having some flexibility in gearing and not being one of the folks riding a Beach Cruiser. Not that there is anything wrong with a Cruiser. I'm just not there yet.

The 3-speed Stealth allows me to bike my age, but still look good doing it.

Awesome bike! Great customer service; thanks Tom for helping me with my order change.


The Stealth
David F.
Great city bike

Happy with the purchase....have been riding it for 6 week's,no issues's.Would highly recommend.

3-Speed Stealth
A Really Good Bike

Got it just 3 days after ordering the bicycle, it was super easy to put together, and once I got the tires filled and had ridden it for the first time; I knew it was perfect. Smoothest gear shifting, good posture positions, just a quality vehicle.
Looking forwards to putting many Km on it!!

The Stealth
Thomas H.
So far so great

I'm really enjoying my Stealth single-speed so far. Super comfy, great value for money, and a perfect commuter bike. I upgraded the handlebar to something wider, and will probably put bigger tires on in the fall too. It's super easy to install and the bike was on my doorstep in less than a week (northern Ontario).

Every commute and ride gives me great pleasure

Very happy with the geometry. Wonderful design and details.

The Stealth
Tessman T.
Excellent City Bike!

I’ve been riding my bike for a few months now and it has been an amazing experience! The frame is very lightweight and strong.

The Viscount
Paul M.
Love my viscount

Love my bike

3-Speed Stealth
victor s.
Damaged part upon packaging

Dear Customer support/Regal team,
I unpacked the bike today, and the headset screw is crushed and the rubber washer has come out as a result. I hope the headset assembly (above the fork mount) can be sent to me in a new condition instead of returning the bicycle.
Thank you,

3-Speed Viscount
Thomas D.
Great looking bike that rides well for a good price

We were nervous buying a bike online but the components and quality appear great. Only been a few weeks but so far we are very impressed with the bike.

The guardian

Great bike comes with easy instructions with tools to build it. I rode it 3-4 times and it’s great. If you’re 5’10 you’ll need a large for sure. Great customer service.

3-Speed Stealth
Alejandro B.
3-speed Stealth

Excellent bike. Lightweight and comfortable. Smooth speed changing.

3-Speed Duke
Trevor A.

3-Speed Duke

The Viscount
Paul M.
The Viscount

First off I love my new bike. It was very fast shipping, well packaged and was easy to put together less than 15 minutes. Wasn't sure how I was going to like the fixie but love it. Good solid bike for the price rides nice.

The Spectre
John B.
First Week With 2022 Spectre

It arrived in a typlical bike box and was easy to assemble. Just required unwrapping, front wheel, handle bars, seat post and pedals to be attached. What shocked me was the condition of all the compoenents. I've purchased other bikes online and usually have to rebuild them so all the parts are working as required. Not the Spectre. The head tube was greased. The free wheel and fixed cog had their threads greased. Since it comes with sealed bottom bracket and sealed hubs I didn't have to check them but they rotated very freely. The wheels were both true, a very rare occurance with an online purchase. The brakes on both wheels were prefectly tuned, no adjustments required. After inflating the tires I was on the road in 30 minutes after receiving the box.

Now that I've had it for a week and put 400 kilometres on it I can say it was well worth the money and I have no regrets on trying Regal. And even at 63 years old I look pretty cool on it especially when I'm passing the roadies. I did switched out the saddle and handle bars for ones I'm more familiar with but that's just a personal preference.

If you're contemplating buying a Regal, rest assured you'll be getting a quality bike.

3-Speed Duke
Alex D.
Best f****** Bike Ever

I absolutely love my Regal Duke 3 Speed. Its everything I wanted in a bike and It looks amazing! Great quality, great design, Regal is a Canadian company and it works great!

Great commute bike

I use to bike gor the 20km commute to my work and it's perfect! I changed the seat because the original one is basically Pinocchio's face and not fun to sit on. Also, customers service is great!

The Stealth

Very nice ! I love it !

The Spectre
Will S.
Easy assembly. Smooth ride.

Love this bike. Assembly was very easy. Hardest part was to take off the packaging.

The ride itself is very smooth. And the bike looks amazing.

Get one you won't regret it!