• Regal Bicycles FREE Shipping throughout Canada on all our fixie bikes

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  • Regal Bicycles FREE Shipping throughout Canada on all our fixie bikes

    FREE Shipping throughout Canada on all our fixie bikes

Fixed Gear Bicycles for the Urban Cyclist

Regal Bicycles is an online retailer of single speed and fixed gear bicycles, inspired by the clean look of the vintage track bicycle. We are based out of Toronto, Canada and strive to provide attractive, affordable, reliable, good quality fixed gear bicycles for the urban cyclist.

Check out our collections of fixie and single-speed bicycles. We ship our fixie bikes for free across Canada, so it doesn’t matter if you're in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal or Halifax. We ship our fixies for free, fast!

Recent Articles

Top 10 Ways to Spot a Fixie Owner
March 27, 2014

In recognizing a fixie owner, physical appearance accounts for nothing. If he openly declares himself to be a fixie owner, we must take his word for it.”
- Ford-era armed forces information film

Bike Lanes: Different Strokes for Different Spokes
March 14, 2014

types of bikes lanes for riding your fixed gear bikes

Without trudging too deep into the swamp of municipal politics, it’s safe to say that bike infrastructure makes roads—well—safe. It protects fixie bike riders from heavier vehicles and pedestrians, and provides a sense of security for new cyclists. Most importantly, bike infrastructure...

A look in the rearview mirror: 2014 cycling resolutions
January 02, 2014
Riding a fixie bike in the winter

With the New Year upon us, its time for us cyclists to look in the rearview mirror and decide how we can improve our biking habits. As the most vulnerable commuters on the road, we don’t often think about our surroundings, and blindly ride our fixie bikes into the...
The Benefits of Fixed Gear and Single Speed Bikes
December 02, 2013

Getting a fixie or single speed bicycle isn’t about buying into a trend; it’s about committing to a lifestyle. We at Regal exclusively sell fixies and single speed bikes because we feel they best suit urban living in Canadian cities. Below, we’ve listed the top five reasons why you should...