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Fixed Gear Bicycles for the Urban Cyclist

Regal Bicycles is an online retailer of single speed and fixed gear bicycles, inspired by the clean look of the vintage track bicycle. We are based out of Toronto, Canada and strive to provide attractive, affordable, reliable, good quality fixed gear bicycles for the urban cyclist.

Check out our collections of fixie and single-speed bicycles. We ship our fixie bikes for free across Canada, so it doesn’t matter if you're in Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal or Halifax. We ship our fixies for free, fast!

Recent Articles

Chicago's Best Bike Routes
March 10, 2015
Regal Bicycles is very fond of Chicago. As Toronto’s sister city, Chicago is a waterfront destination with all the benefits that come with being a North American metropolis: art, food, infrastructure, and, of course, great cycling. Much like Toronto, Chicago has recently ...
New York City’s Best Bike Routes
February 12, 2015
Picture of a Map of New York City's Bicycle Paths - This Article is About Riding Bicycles in New York United StatesWe’re just going to say it: New York is the most romantic cycling city not only in the United States but in the world. Architecture, parks, neighbourhoods, bridges—New York has everything an urban rider can want and at a scale that no other city can match...
Vancouver’s Best Bike Trails
February 04, 2015

Picture of Vancouver's Bike Paths Regal Bicycles may be headquartered in Toronto, but we’re not afraid to admit that Vancouver is (probably) the most beautiful city in Canada. And its unique identity as an urban centre surrounded by breathtaking nature makes Vancouver a premiere cycling...

Making Toronto's Cycling Infrastructure Better
January 27, 2015

Separated bike lanes in Toronto on Wellesley Street

In recent months, Toronto cyclists have won a major victory. The city now has two crosstown, separated bollard bike lanes on Adelaide and Richmond. These lanes mean that cyclists finally have safe and efficient ways to ...

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