Why Brooks Saddles Are The Best

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Saddles are what make bicycles usable, the soft leather cushion where you place your whole body’s weight is very important. Every saddle has its own benefits, but the Brooks saddle tends to beat them all. Obviously, everyone has his or her own saddle of choice. It all depends on where you feel comfortable sitting. Whenever you come across any bike shop you come across various saddles. They are many types of saddles there and the most common one is the gel saddle. These gel saddles tend not to be the best solution to your woes. Here's what you need to know:

The gel saddle is not ideal

This is not the advisable choice you should opt for. The gel saddle seems comfortable to the eye but eventually if you’re looking for something that will benefit your body in the long run, you should be ready to watch out for fakes. In short, all that glitters is not gold. The reason why gel saddles might not be the suitable choice is because you will be having two pressure points when you sit on your saddle. This means that there will be two points that will be pushing down your saddle. These two points are your sitting bones.

When these two bones push the gel saddle in a downward position, the gel elevates and pushes upwards between your sit bones. This is a rather risky bargain, especially for the men, this region is the prostate area. Gel saddles are bound to thin out with time this is because they are not durable and are most definitely going to compact with time. The tough Brooks saddles which seem to be less comfortable prove to be the durable solutions to all the problems individuals might be facing. Again, I say do not judge the book by its cover.

How the Brook saddle scores

Especially in fixie bikes, Brooks saddles seem to be the solution. They are made of hard leather and it is really weird that you might think that leather will turn out to be comfortable than gel. Well, it is true, they will become more comfortable with time. This is because leather softens with time. As the leather gets used more often it wears out, leather does not wear out negatively, it gets softer and in the long run you will find that it will be more comfortable than the other saddles, that’s if the other saddles actually survive for that whole time. Brooks saddles are more durable than all the other saddles in the market.

The other advantage of the Brooks saddle is that it molds to your specific rear type. The more pressure you apply to your saddle the more it blends with your rear type. It evens out as it should and sooner or later you will find out that you will be a perfect fit for your saddle even if you weren’t initially. The basics are that the effort you put in and the patience you have will eventually pay off when it comes to Brooks saddles.


You might think that all the Brooks saddles are good for you, well you should not rush into that decision. There are various types of Brooks saddles and they differ in their shapes, moldings and sizes. The difference is usually based on the fact that most of these saddles are usually sprung and others are usually not sprung. The only way that you will know which one is good for you is by trying them all. Ensure that you are conversant with all types of the Brooks saddles and you can decipher which one is suitable for your body type.

There are various types of Brooks saddles and they are all capable of functioning effectively. There are classified in models and there is the B67 and the B17, these are just two among an array of other models. The B17 saddle is the most common and the most loved saddle. It is among the older models of these types of saddles and it tends to be very comfortable when it comes to bike riding.

These types of saddles are suitable for fixed gear bikes. This is because the amount of effort put while riding a fixie bike is a lot and the increased pressure on the saddle will surely diminish any soft padded saddle. With such bikes you need tough textured long lasting saddles and that what Brooks saddles offer.

The B67 is usually broader and hence with the increased width you get more sitting space. The only drawback is that the increased width tends to increase the amount of rubbing that takes place. For men this is quite dangerous because the area that get continuously rubbed is the prostate area. So basically the B17 model should be the recommended type for any bike lover.

So now that you know what Brooks saddles can do for you, give us a call if you want to buy the saddle at affordable rates. We have a comprehensive inventory of Brooks saddles for you to choose from.

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