3-Speed Urban Bikes - unique, best sellers.

Our 3-speed city bikes are built on the exact same frame and geometry as our highly popular Classics line. The internal 3-Speed hub built by Shimano gives you an extra kick in your step tackling hills or gearing up to go faster. The bikes feature a light weight, double butted Chromoly frame, the same steel we use in the Premiums & all the essentials to make your ride a breeze. With the look of a fixie and all the benefits of gears.

Light weight: ~ 11.3 kg

Price: $649 CAD

Riding style: Exact same riding style as our Classics but with added flexibility of gears.

Frame: 4130 double-butted chromoly, built for city roads and paved paths with sealed hubs, bottom bracket & headset.

Features: 3-speed Shimano Nexus hub with 3 distinct gear ratios for going up hills, cruising or going fast.

Highlights: The ultimate everyday bike – commute to work, hit paved trails, the opportunities are endless!

Get this bike if you want the look, simplicity and feel of a single speed bike, plus the flexibility of gears.

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The ever popular Classic line is getting even better this year. The new models will come with a light weight, double butted, 4130 Chromoly frame and fork, the same steel we use in the Premiums. In addition, all the components have been upgraded and are fully sealed. You won't find a double-butted CRMO bike with sealed components at this price point, anywhere.

Light weight: ~11.1 kg

Price: $549 CAD

Riding style: With a slightly longer wheel-base than the Premiums, the Classics are ideal for commuting and casual riding.

Frame: 4130 double-butted chromoly, built for city roads and paved paths with sealed hubs, bottom bracket & headset.

Highlights: Great value, versatile bikes for city riding and commuting. Standard component sizes allow easy upgrades to your bike, and even easier (read: cheaper) maintenance.

Get this bike if you enjoy a fun fast ride, and want something inexpensive and low-maintenance. It’s our most popular model!

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Premium Fixies & Single Speed Bikes

Our Premiums come standard with all the add-ons. Featuring a durable, double butted 4130 Chromoly Steel Frame and high end, lighter components.

Lightest weight: 10.49 kg fully assembled all components and both brakes mounted on the bike.

Price: $749

Riding style: More aggressive than our Classic model, the wheelbase is shorter, the seat is a little higher, and the steering is more responsive.

Components: Lighter and stronger than the Classics. Sourced from more established brands.

Hubs by Novatec, FSA™ headset, seatpost and stem, WTB ThickSlick® tires, and the drivetrain is made where SRAM components are made.

Frame: Double-butted steel with thicker steel tubes near the joints allows for less steel to be used towards the middle of the tube, giving the bike extra strength and a lighter weight.

Highlights: Our Premium bikes call for a more engaging ride, with the riding position akin to velodrome and track bikes. Higher-end components mean that you won’t feel the need to upgrade your parts for a while.

Get this bike if you like to ride hard and challenge yourself! Or if you just enjoy the finer things in life.

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