The Benefits of Fixed Gear and Single Speed Bikes

Getting a fixie or single speed bicycle isn’t about buying into a trend; it’s about committing to a lifestyle. We at Regal exclusively sell fixies and single speed bikes because we feel they best suit urban living in Canadian cities. Below, we’ve listed the top five reasons why you should make the switch to these great bicycles. 

  1. Affordability

Fixies and single gear bikes are generally more affordable than their traditional cousins. And if you take proper care your bike, you’ll rarely find yourself going to the repair shop for maintenance. 

  1. Connectivity

The most beautiful (and challenging) thing about riding a fixie is the symbiotic connection between the rider and the bike. Fixies don’t have freewheels and thus require constant pedaling and awareness. A rider gets a lot of feedback on traction, an advantage in slippery and wet conditions. You can feel the road. Riding this way also builds endurance. Consequently, a fixie is a pure extension of the rider. 

  1. Weight and Simplicity

Fixies and single speed bikes are relatively lighter than their counterparts. They don’t require a lot of bells and whistles or complicated explanations as to how they work. Just get on and pedal. These bikes are utilitarian, straightforward, and perfect for city roads. 

  1. Customization

Part of what’s made fixies and single speed bikes so popular is the culture of endless customization. We believe that aesthetics matter, and like clothes, a bike can speak to a rider’s identity and taste. Fixies and single speed bikes are malleable and lend themselves to individualization. 

  1. Experience

Riding a fixie or single speed bike is like no other experience. It will give you a new skillset and improve your riding ability in non-urban settings.

While Regal only sells fixies and single gear bikes, we appreciate all sorts of bicycles. Each individual rider will embrace a certain type of bike for a certain type of situation. What’s important is that you find what works for you and promote cycling in general.

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