Understanding The Types Of Hubs For Fixed Gear Bicycles

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The hub found in a fixed bike is what makes it complete. Without it, you do not have a bike in your hands. Everything is connected to the rear hub and your balance is also determined by the rear hub. There are various types of rear hubs which you can install in your fixie bike as you partake in your daily sticks and stunts. Obviously, you need a durable hub for the kind of activities you will be taking part in. There are four types of hubs available: the track hub, the flip flop hub, the freewheel hub or the cassette hub.

The track hub

The recommended way to go for a fixed gear setup is to construct a new rear wheel. You can use a track hub in such an activity. The distinct feature of any track hub is their stepped threads. The main thread that the wheels spokes or sprockets are attached to is similar to that of a freewheel hub. Apart from that a threaded section which has a smaller diameter acts as a special lock ring. This is a very efficient type of hub because when you screw your sprocket tight and lead it down securely, the lock ring screws down too. This ensures that the sprocket can both get unbolted because if the sprocket should start getting loose it will move the lock ring in a counter clockwise direction, hence only tightening the lock ring.

Flip flop hubs

They are also called double sided hubs. They have threads on both sides. One side is built with a track type threading, which has a lock ring. The other side is constructed with a single speed freewheel there are mostly standard editions. There are few instances that both sides have track threading, but these are usually very scarce.

The common way in which flip flop hubs are used is by having a fixed gear on one side and having the single speed gear on the other side. The freewheel sprocket during most times is built in a way that it in or two teeth bigger than the sprocket which is fixed. You should cycle with the fixed gear most of the time on your fixed gear bicycle and save the other type which is the freewheel single gear for the longer journeys. The freewheel type is usually good for when you are completely exhausted that is because it reduces the work load when it comes to turning the pedals.

The way a flip flop hub is constructed ensures that the freewheel is usually larger than the fixed sprocket. This comes in handy in a very distinct way because you are given a lower gear, hence you can climb a steep slope with ease. You can coast when you have the flip flop hub hence your descents are not disadvantaged. These hubs are mostly found in BMXs because these bikes are mostly singe speed. If you choose to use a flip flop hub you will have two braking systems on your bicycle.

The conventional freewheel hub

If you want to change your multispeed bike into a fixed gear bike is by using the rear gear hub like a conventional threaded freewheel hub, it is possible because a fixed sprocket will thread right on but the only downside is the fact that there will be no provision for the lock ring. Hence, your sprocket can unscrew if you apply too much pressure on your pedals. If you choose to sue these ideology you should have a strong adhesive. You should also improvise and use a lock ring from a threaded bottom bracket this will increase your safety when you are on the bike.

The easiest way to go is by screwing the sprocket all together, but the downside here is that the chain line most of the times will remain incorrect. You will be needed to rearrange the spacers and correct the chain line because you will have tampered with the bike's axle. After you have done all that you still have to re-dish the wheel so that everything will move correctly and reduce the chances of an eventual chain break.

Cassette hubs

These types of hub as designed to be used with disc wheels. It is usually very expensive, so it would not make sense if you buy it and you do not already have a good wheel. This type of hub will ensure that you will modify your multi speed be into a single speed bike. The fixed bikes that have these type of hubs installed are usually very effective on the road, the riders are assured of their safety because of the modifications on the sprockets and the gears themselves. This type of hub ensures that your chain line remains correct and there are no chain breaks at all.

All in all, these are the various types of hubs you can install on your fixed gear bike for better efficiency and if you want to know more tips for fixed bicycles, visit our blog often!

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