The Duke - A Crime fighter on CBC’s new show Cracked!

Posted by Rehman Ahmed on

This just in - Regal Bicycles is proud to announce that "The Duke" will be featured in the new CBC crime drama “Cracked”!

This brand new show is currently filming, and stars David Sutcliffe from "Gilmore Girls" and "Private Practice".

Keep your eyes peeled for this promising new show and The Duke's cameo appearance - we're told this bicycle will be displayed in Sutcliffe's apartment, and you might even see him take the fixie out for a spin! Pretty soon this bike will be solving cold cases...well, maybe we're getting ahead of ourselves...

The show is set to premiere in the winter of 2013. We can't wait. First "The Baron" courting the silver screen, now "The Duke" hitting prime time - looks like our bicycles are destined for stardom!

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