A Guide to Simplifying Your Bike Commute

When it comes to journeys, we’ve all heard the mantra: Getting there is half the fun. But that not only applies to road trips -- it can also apply to our morning commutes. Many of us love our careers and enjoy the work we do day-to-day. But it’s getting to the workplace that often kills us. Whether it’s the traffic jams or expenses of car ownership, the morning commute is no joy for millions of people around the world.

Cycling puts the joy back into our morning routines. It gives us something to look forward to -- and a sense of accomplishment once we get to our destination. Something rush hour driving cannot provide. Many of us, however, make up excuses in the morning … especially when we’re late and feeling sluggish. Grabbing the keys is always an easy cop-out, although we’ll gripe at the wheel in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Below is a guide to simplifying your bike commute. And we’ve learned the secret is keeping things simple. That, coupled with a bit of preparation, is key.

Aim for Minimalism

Don’t get bogged down with gear. It’s easy to become swept away by all the gadgets out there. Cycling marketers are always trying to push consumerism on people just looking for a sturdy ride. The key to a good bike commute is minimalism. A reliable bike and quality helmet are all you need. Really. More gear will weigh you down in the morning. And you’ll be flustered when you realize you missed something as you rush out the door.

‘Simple’ bikes have classic technology that isn’t going to give you mechanical problems. The more bells and whistles, the greater the headache. Opt for bikes like Regal’s Fixies that feature single-speed technology. Dependable and fun, a simple bike is the backbone of a fantastic journey.

Prepare Essentials the Night Before

A good bike commute means preparing the ‘non-cycling essentials’ the night before. Yes, it all seems like something only six-year-olds should be taught to do: Like laying your clothes out the night before or organizing your backpack before bed. But these seemingly childish chores will save you time (and angst!) during your morning routine.

Pencil In Weekend Maintenance

Regular weekend maintenance is crucial for pleasant rides during the week. We all know it’s just easier to take the car or hail a cab when we see that flat tire. Routine maintenance will keep you from making excuses in the morning. Take a few moments on your days off to do the following:

● Check tire pressure
● Monitor wear and tear on both tires
● Clean (and grease) your seatpost
● Inspect the chain for rusting or dryness; regularly wipe down gooey residue
● Check for loose parts like wobbly saddles, wheels or handlebars

Keep an Extra Set of Clothes at the Office

You may not sweat as much during the winter months. But the summertime commute could leave you sticky. Always keep some essentials at your workplace: An extra shirt, pants, bra or underwear. A few hygienic items are not a bad idea, either. A stick of deodorant or a small towel will come in handy if you’ve worked up a sweat.

Enjoy the Process

By building the above tasks into your daily routine: You’re ensuring your bike commute is an enjoyable one that you look forward to each day. There’s nothing like having a relaxed morning where you’re not frantically looking for your helmet while trying to get out the door. Taking a few moments to lay out your things (or checking the weather the night before!) can be a pleasurable process. As we said earlier, the key is to keep things minimal. And Regal Bicycles does that best. With a simple, high-quality product line, we’ve been satisfying cyclists for years. So browse our website and let Regal be your commuting companion.

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