Cycling: The Better Way To Commute

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One of the best decisions you can make is to switch to cycling to work instead of commuting by public transport or car. It's not only a good form of exercise, but it can make you happier while saving some money at the same time. However, commuting in the city by bike presents many other benefits that can positively impact your life.

Saves Your Budget

The price of gas is continuously rising, and there's no stopping it. Moreover, the cost of owning and maintaining a car can set you back thousands of dollars every year. 

On the other hand, you only need to spend a few hundred bucks a year to maintain your bike. And this is still lower in comparison to how much you'll spend on public transport every year.

So think of all that money you can save if you don't have a car to maintain or from riding a taxi or train. You can even consider setting those aside for emergencies or for treating yourself on a nice Carribean holiday.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Parking Space

This is especially true if you live in big, busy cities where finding a parking space can eat up a lot of your precious time. So no doubt, parking your bike is way easier since there's virtually a bicycle rack, a signpost or a tree nearby to lock your 2-wheel ride safely. 

There are even companies offering bike storage options for their employees and clients. You may even consider going for a foldable bike that you can put inside your bag and stash under your work desk.

It Makes You Happier While Reducing Your Levels Of Stress

Exercise releases the happy hormone known as endorphin. Biking to work gives you a workout, which means your body will produce endorphins. It'll help you release any stress or anxiety building up inside you. And in turn, it'll lower depression levels and improve your sleep. As a result, you'll wake up with a better mood and feel confident that you can face the day ahead.

A Fun Way Of Commuting

Another reason why you may want to consider cycling to work is that it's fun. It gives you a sense of freedom and a simple exhilarating feeling as you grind. Likewise, it allows you to observe and appreciate your surroundings more. And there's no better way to relax than listening to birds chirping and enjoying the world as it passes by. The only exception is if you own a camper van, you can find camper van conversion companies popping up all over North America.

You'll Be Healthier And More Fit

Cycling to work is a good form of exercise. The calories each person burns may vary depending on their speed and geography. Nonetheless, on average, you can burn as many calories as you would with jogging. But the best thing about it is that it won't have a much negative impact on your joints as much.

Likewise, cycling can improve your aerobic and cardiovascular health. It can also lower your blood pressure, build muscle, enhance coordination, and boost your energy. 

During your first year of biking, you can lose around 13 pounds on average. It means that if you're out of shape or overweight, this is a fantastic means of working out your heart without worrying about your joints.

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