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Riding a bike, or cycling, is deeply rooted in many mental and health benefits. Whether you’re pedaling to the store to grab groceries or commuting to work to save on gas, there are so many great and meaningful reasons to choose a bike over a car anytime you can. 

Health Benefits of Riding a Bike

There are many health benefits associated with riding a bike. It is considered to be a low impact exercise, which is great for anyone that is a beginner! Since you are the one pedaling, you are completely in control of how fast you go. You can take it as easy or as hard as you want, the choice is up to you! Cycling doesn’t put a lot of strain on your joints like other exercises and has a lot less injuries associated with it. 

Cycling is a great muscle workout. When you cycle, you’re holding your body in a specific position and maintaining balance while also pedaling and using your leg muscles. You use all of your major muscle groups while building strength in them. It increases your stamina, flexibility, joint mobility, and can even help with your posture. 

There has been research conducted that proves that regular exercise, including cycling, reduces the risks of cancers, diabetes, and other health conditions. It strengthens your heart, raises your metabolic rate, and helps you to lose weight by burning body fat and building up muscle. 

Mental Health Benefits of Cycling

While cruising the streets with your 3 speed bike, you may notice that you are happier than normal. That’s because when you exercise, your brain releases chemicals that quite literally make you happy. Cycling can help reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions by giving you an outlet and a way to release some of your stress. 

Environmental Impact of Riding Your Bike

We are all aware of how badly our planet is currently polluted and the astronomical rate in which it continues to be destroyed. Riding a bike to do your errands or to work is one of the best things you can do to help! By reducing the amount of gasoline used and put back into the air, you are helping to save the planet. 

Riding your city bike to work is not only beneficial for the earth, but it’s beneficial for you as well. Studies have proven that those who cycle to work are significantly less exposed to pollution than those who drive in cars, about two to three times less exposed! As a result of biking, their lung function improved due to the lessened exposure. 

Biking Helps Everyone 

Biking or cycling is a great way to improve your health, both mentally and physically. It reduces the risk of diseases, improves your overall health and mood, and can even help you to be more environmentally conscious. With so many benefits to riding a bike, the only question left is what kind are you going to get? 

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