Introducing our Brand New Summer 2013 Collection

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With the summer heat and open roads finally upon us, we have introduced three fresh new fixies to our lineup. A bit of a departure from the vintage elegance of The Duke, The Knight and The Viscount, these eye-popping bikes will grab your attention and hold onto it.

So without further ado, meet our brand new line of bikes:

The Snowbird, our first offering outside of the royal family debuts just in time for Canada Day. With a white body and red rims, this bike makes it easy to show off your national pride. Take these red rims and fly away.

The Midas is claiming the new standard for extravagance. If you're the person that everything you do, you do big, then The Midas is for you. Black body and metallic golden rims, the style of this bike is no fairytale. We here at Regal can only assume this bicycle will inspire a sequel single from Wiz Khalifa...

And finally, the third new fixie bike in the Summer 2013 Collection. The 'f' in this fixie stands for 'funky'. You may remember an earlier Regal model that wore its royal colours proudly. But, things change, and while the past may stay the same your style doesn't have to.The Fixie Formally Known as The Prince features a beautiful purple body and chrome rims. This fixed gear bike will make you see why doves cry.

Let us know what you think of the new fixies, and be sure to return for our upcoming blog series on bike path networks across Canadian cities!

Oh, and PS: We're still offering 4 other fixie bike models - and they're on sale! Oh happy day. Check them out today.

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