New York City’s Best Bike Routes

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We’re just going to say it: New York is the most romantic cycling city not only in the United States but in the world. Architecture, parks, neighbourhoods, bridges—New York has everything an urban rider can want, and at a scale that no other city can match. On top of that, New York has Citi Bike, one of the best and most expansive bike share programs in the world. So, you have no excuse: the next time you visit Gotham, forget the subway and those yellow taxis. Hop on a bike!

Below, Regal has listed New York City’s best bike routes.

Brooklyn Bridge to Central Park

Since all of the cool kids live in Brooklyn, let’s start our adventure at that borough’s most famous icon. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of New York’s definitive landmarks. Thanks to its dedicated bike lanes, you’ll be able to gaze at the water and the city’s skyline as you casually ride into Manhattan. Once in the urban jungle, you can ride your cruiser bike through the Lower East Side, Chinatown, Little Italy, and Union Square all the way to Park Avenue. Be mindful of the Midtown traffic—try to ignore the pretty people and keep your eyes on the road—and post up by the park. If you’re interested in taking photos and having snack breaks, this ride should take about 2 hours to complete. But hopefully you still have some energy, because the next destination on the list is…

Central Park

Yes, it’s Central Park itself. This is a place where you’re encouraged to get lost in the wonder of it all. The almost 10 km main road loop is the obvious choice for the Type-A’s among us, but we encourage you to explore, have a picnic, toss a Frisbee, and even take a nap. Great places to visit include the Tavern On the Green, the Great Lawn, John Lennon’s Strawberry Fields, and that bridge from the climax of Home Alone 2! Central Park’s diversity of terrain also makes it a paradise for both expert and novice riders.

Bronx River Path

This route is a more natural alternative to the hustle and bustle of Manhattan. Paved and running along the Bronx River Parkway, this ride is woodsy and relaxing. You might even think you were in—well, Canada! Starting at Oak Street in Mount Vernon, the path has three distinct sections: a 1.5 km ride near Oak Street, a 6 km stretch from Bronxville to Scarsdale, and an 8 km journey from Hartsdale to Kensico Dam Plaza in Valhalla. If you don’t want to cycle from wherever you’re staying to or from the Bronx, just buy a $5 bike pass at Grand Central Station and take advantage of the subway stations along the path.


Admittedly, this entry is non-traditional. Maybe you’re a fitness nut; maybe you want to ride your Regal fixie bike in New York but there’s a blizzard; maybe you like loud music curated by an in-house DJ and a fitness instructor screaming in your ear. Well, then Flywheel is for you! This is New York’s premiere indoor cycling studio. Each (of the many) locations has stadium seating, terrific classes that cater to your interests and abilities, and a “torque board” that allows you to compete with your fellow cyclists on the big screen. When in New York, do as the New Yorkers do.

Picture of Regal Fixies at an Urban Garage in the Picture the Duke, The Baron and King Midas Fixie Bikes

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