Top 5 Reasons Why Cycling Makes Us Happy

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The Psychology of Cycling: Top 5 Reasons Why It Makes Us Happy

We’ve heard it said many times before: Cycling is a graceful sport that involves control, poise and a rhythmic movement of the legs. Ask anyone who bikes and they’ll tell you cycling brings a sense of harmony many other activities don’t. Whether it’s the feeling of crisp air on your skin or that satisfaction after enduring an incline: There’s no doubt that hopping on a bike has a profound impact on physical wellness and mental health.

Read on to see why we believe cycling makes us truly happy!

Controlled Exercise Levels

Sports like basketball, football and hockey can exert physical pressure that our bodies are not able to handle. That’s because many activities are team-centric, forcing you to ‘keep up’ with your colleagues at all times. Although cycling can also be a social sport, it often involves solitude and independent decision-making. Whether you’re setting out on your bike for work or a leisurely ride through the country, you’re always in control. By letting ourselves dictate the pace and tone of that particular ride, we’re encouraging a sense of freedom that keeps us content.

Option to Be Social

As we pointed out earlier, you can cycle alone or as part of a group. The choice is truly up to you. And that’s another reason why cycling makes us happy. Hitting the road with a group of friends is a rewarding experience that makes us feel good. And because cycling is not a strenuous activity, you can chat with those friends as you ride and take in the scenery.

Cycle Here, There and Everywhere

Bicycles give us a feeling of autonomy because of their flexible nature. You can pretty much bike anywhere as long as there’s a paved path. And for more adventurous types, hilly roads and mountainous areas are never a problem. Cycling can be incorporated into your daily routine and even out-of-town getaways. Take a look at our city bikes built for commuting. Bike to the office one day. Then use that same bike to tour some wineries during the weekend.

Savouring Your Surroundings

There is tremendous benefit in taking a moment to admire our surroundings. Pausing to reflect on the extraordinary (and even mundane) movements around us is deeply good for the soul. Cycling allows us to immerse ourselves in the vibrancy of life. And reflecting on our environment gives us a better understanding of our place in the world. Very few activities are able to provide this harmonious sense of balance and purpose.

Achieving Your Goals

A sense of accomplishment often brings feelings of happiness. And there’s no better way to get that sense of accomplishment than by setting goals. Cycling is an activity that calls for skills improvement and endurance. Many sports involve goals that are measured against the abilities of fellow teammates. But in cycling, goals are very self-centred. They can be as big or small as you wish: Push yourself to bike to work every day for a month. Or promise to get in shape for that 50K bicycle marathon. No goal is ever too modest to have significance. By accomplishing a little something each day, we’re injecting purpose and happiness into our daily routines!

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