Which Bicycle Style Should You Go For?

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Well, buying a bicycle cannot be compared to buying a vehicle, but it is also not a situation to be taken lightly. There are many bicycle retailers in the market and the decision can be really tough if you do not know what you want. It is rather mandatory that you know what you want to get out of your investment. This is because the chances that you will fall in love with your bike are very high, so it is rather recommended that you go for the best bike out there. There are many types of bikes, but what matters is what you aim to accomplish with a certain bike. Is it for hiking or is it for cruising? Here are the various types of bicycles you can opt for:

Road bikes

These are the type of bicycles that you would want to ride on the pavement. Smooth terrains with no bumps or any rough patches. The road tire is a rather delicate type of bike because it is not constructed for harsh trails. The road bike has skinny tires, which lack treads on them. They are referred to as flicked tires. Their handle bars are basically ramming like in structure because they are usually dropped or rather facing downwards. Basically, when you’re cycling in a road bike you will be at a certain position for a long time, you will be in a static position. This will come as an advantage because you do not have to make quick adjustments or movements since you will be on a flat surface.

The handlebars offer a variety of positions because of their elongated structure. They offer multiple hand positions which you can use in case you become tired or in case you want to change your speed. The best thing about road bikes is that they are made to be cycled in groups, in short you can ride in in a peloton. A peloton is usually a group of riders.

You are able to make dynamic moves, but not the types of moves you can make on a fixed gear bicycle or a mountain bike. Since they are made for long rides, their seats or rather their saddles are usually initially hard and can be considered uncomfortable. This is usually because they give the maximum skeletal support, this will come in handy because you can go for a long journey without experiencing any sort of discomfort.

Mountain bikes

These bikes are made for the adrenalin junkies and individuals who are into dynamic terrains and off road cycling. They are also the best type of bikes for single track trails. They are generally durable because they stand out as the toughest types of bikes as compared to the rest. They have broader wheels which are usually thick in girth. The wheels also have treads which comes in handy when going through rocky patches. With these treads they do so well in mud or water because the treads offer more balance.

Mountain bikes have straight handle bars. They are usually situated higher than the drop bars and are far much nearer to the cyclist. The top part of their head tube is also placed really close to the rider to enhance a more stable, aggressive and upright position. All these modifications are ideal for the type of terrain, these bikes are designed to scale. These bikes have fork and shock suspension. Some bikes are customized to offer their own sense of balance by sitting on the saddle and moving forward or backward.

Cruiser bikes

These are bikes that are essential for taking leisure strolls or quick errands. The cruiser bikes are made with comfortable saddles. The comfy seat shows that this is a laid back type of bike. They are not however good for journeys. They are suitable for short distances because you will have to stay in a static position for a very long time. Also, they do not absorb a lot of shock, so they are not made for the dynamic terrains unlike mountain bikes.

The gear systems vary among different cruiser bikes and although some have multiple gears, most just have one. This translates to the fact that they cannot scale hills easily without straining the rider.

Fixie bikes

These bikes are gaining huge popularity these days. They are not designed for newbies or beginners. Well, all of them do not have brakes on their back hubs. This means that these bikes have no brakes. They only have front brakes. They are used to perform tricks most of the times. They only have a single gear, which is fixed. The basics of riding such a bike are tough that is because you have to use the weight of your body to slow down. Most of these bikes are later customized and turned into racing bikes.

Bicycles are generally fun to ride and they provide individuals with a sense of relaxation, so if you are interested in looking for a specialty bike such as a fixed gear bicycle, call us. We offer the best bike deals in town!

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