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Nice looking bike, needs better instructions

The bile rides well. The tires need a bit more traction. The frame is nice and light, and the gears are smooth. The instructions that came with the bike is awful. The peddles labeled L and R are barely visible and instructions make no mention of where to find the label, had to look got the thread direction, and only learned that from google (might be handy to mention that, as it is a safety issue if not put on correctly). Instructions also make no mention of greasing the peddles, or seat or handlebars when installing them. Other than that, the bike looks great and works well. If you purchase a regal bike, make sure you have someone experienced help putting it together, and don’t rely on the “instructions”.

The Baron
Shaka T.
Zoom Zoom

The only reason i gave 4 stars is because my previous Fixie that was stolen was a better bike other than that the bike is mad nice. The seat takes some getting used to so you better ride everyday like me, 😁im heading out right now to fly these city streets 6hr run here i come. Zoom Zoom😎

Love my new bike!

fast service,
excellent quality bike,
easy to assemble,
great ride

Love my new Bike

very happy with this bike, excellent quality and build
very quick service
Easy to assemble
I would buy again.

Worth the money

Picked up the classic Viscount model after my old bike was stolen. I cannot say anything bad about this bike, it rides very smooth and I am impressed with the overall build quality. As a personal preference I swapped the stock handle bars for some aftermarket drops. Highly recommended if you are looking for a new SS/fixie bike.


Bought this for my teenage son. He loves it! Great value and a beauty bike!

Very stylish road bike.

Got the single-speed Matte Stealth. Changed the handlebars to drop bars and people always compliment the bike as I pass by them. Great purchase and amazing bike.

Simple bike = joy to ride

This bike is the best bike I ever owned, it is minimalist and it is a joy to ride.

Beautiful bike
Amazing service
Kept me updated trough the process
Easy to assemble
I recommend

Best bike on the market

I love my regal stealth. This is my 2nd one (sadly 1st one got stolen downtown Toronto). There is no other bike I would want. The regal is lightweight, sleek looking, great style, simple build and the single speed is all you need. No complaints besides the silver hand brakes. My old bike had the black to go with the bike which gave it a way cooler look. But that’s too minor of a detail to not give this bike 5 out of 5!

Awesome ride

It’s really smooth and lightweight bike to cruise around the city. Ray was really helpful and fast responder. Helpful through ordering and shipping process. Would definitely recommend over any other bikes within this price range.

Unmatched value

I got my Matte Stealth on Thursday (a week after ordering it during a pandemic), the matte black finish also looked amazing, so far so good. After assembly and a few personal tweaks (swapped to fixed, ditched rear break, ripped off all the logo decals that I'm very appreciative were easy to remove), I took it for a ride that evening. The beefier 700x28 tires took a bit of getting used to compared to my old 700x23. The bike felt a bit more sluggish with lower tire pressure and more surface area contact. I rode it mainly along the lakeshore getting a feel for it.
Friday after work I did a few more tweaks (loosened chain, cut down handle bars) and went for another spin. Immediately it felt better than yesterday. This time I into downtown Toronto, hitting parks and venturing through west end neighbourhoods. The bike is nimble, and feels super solid (especially during sprints), and doesn't feel stiff like aluminum frames. One thing I will say though, I really felt the saddle on day two, and I'm hoping it will break in as well as my ass getting used to it. All that said, for under $500 this bike seems like ridiculous value. The geometry of the frame (I'm 5'10.5" and got the M size), is really great, it looks boss, and everything feels solid. The only thing I will change is swapping to all-black pedal straps because I'm an anal loser, but that's just a cosmetic thing. Theres nothing more to say about this nice little fixie until I report back after riding the hell out of it this summer.

Light and solid

Received the bike yesterday and set it up immediately. All tools are included which is awesome! The pedals are an alloy which I assume is aluminum, given the price that's pretty sweet. My only complaint is the seat, I found it to be rather stiff. Gear ratio is excellent for flat ground and downhill, definitely takes a good set of legs to get up steep inclines but that's to be expected. Awesome bike

Great bike!

Just received the bike I pre-ordered last fall for my daughter. We knew there were delays given the pandemic but Ray and Tom were quick with updates along the way. Assembled the bike yesterday and it went off without a hitch. Quite easy. The bike is fantastic!! I’m even considering buying another one now for me😊 when supply is available.

Amazing bike for crossing the US!

I crossed the United-States (Chicago to L.A) on the classic fixie The Duke. I just want to say that this bicycle is indestructible and really fast. I did 5000 km in the mountains, forests, deserts, and countries. In 10 differents states, theres a lot of things that can happen. I tested my body limits with different kind of weathers, pavements, slopes and your bike always followed.

I just want to thank Regal, you provided me a quality bicycle for a cheap price and the bike is still good for a couple of years ! I think that people should know what Regal is, what the bikes can do and how far you can go with one of your bike without problems.

Wow!!! Thanks so much for this. Reading about your trip put a big smile on my face. Looks like you had an epic journey. Please feel free to reach out, would love to learn more. - Ray

Absolutely Zero Complaints

I couldn't say more positive things about my experience with Regal as a whole.

Prior to my purchase, I had reached out to them with a few preliminary questions regarding a potential purchase. The response I received was timely, professional and very helpful. I had correspondence with Ray from Regal regarding the Assassin specifically. His expertise really sealed the deal as I was still hesitant in regards to making the purchase. I must admit that I am more than happy that I decided to follow through. Upon receiving the bike and tearing open the packaging in excitement, I found that the actual construction of the bike was easy and straight forward. The instruction manual was simple to follow and really made the difference. I actually had an issue with my brakes that I emailed Ray about. He was quick to get back to me with a solution.

The actual performance of the bike is phenomenal. It's a smooth riding and responsive bike. I can't wait for better weather so I can enjoy it even more.

If you are thinking about buying a Regal, I implore you to reach out to them. Their education, willingness to help and professionalism will hopefully push you to make that purchase, because it did for me. I am not a bicycle savant, so it was nice to have someone talk me through my purchase and help me along the way.

Best fixie under $500

I love my Nova regal fixie! So many different colour options to find the perfect fit for you.

Such an amazing bike for under $500.
Free shipping was also a big deciding factor for me! It came to the door really quickly and was very simple to put together.

One of the most comfortable in-city rides on a bike I’ve ever ridden. Also very light and very easy to carry around as it is only 11kg!

I recommend Regal Fixies to all my friends and family.

Couldn't be happier

Another hipster thing to add to my collection

Loving the new ride!

Thanks regal!

Beautiful ride

Was not sure what to expect since this is my first road bicycle. Well totally blew my mind, as soon as I got it out of the package I was stunned. Absolutely beautiful bicycle. Assembly was pretty straight forward I was not expecting the nice aluminum pedals, heavy duty brakes! This thing is gorgeous. What a ride super fast takes corners easier than anything I’ve ridden, with the 3 speed it takes hills awesome.

very good customer service

good value. very good service, both pre and post sale, including warranty claims. all questions i had before ordering were quickly responded to. got my bike couple of days after ordering. i had some issues with a pedal but a replacement was quickly shipped with no questions asked.

Great bike and company

I have been riding this bicycle for about a month now and it has quickly become my favourite.
I own 5 bicycles(2 Road, a Hybrid, a 3-speed Cruiser, and of course the Spectre) and the Spectre has really captured my attention for rides of distances, both long or short, because of it's comfort and handling of different terrains. I mostly use it on the road and in the city, but it can handle light off-road trails as well.
The price is great as well as the build and components. I have bought 2 Regal Bicycles and I would recommend both the product and the company. Communication through both sales was friendly, and any inquiries I had were answered quickly and in full.

Sexy, quality product

I ordered my bike Tuesday night and I could hardly sleep last night as I knew it would arrive today. When the FedEx truck pulled up I was at the front door even before the employee was out of the truck. I carried it inside myself and within 30 minutes the bike was built. I was so amazed by the ease to build and the quality of the components.

I took it to a friend who is a bike mechanic to check over everything and he was also extremely impressed by the quality, the great pre build job and the... for the lack of a better word... sexiness of the bike. It's such a beautiful product!

I spend the next 4 and a half hours on the bike, cruising through the city. It was without a doubt the best day I've had in a long time. I am so happy with my bike and it truly already has brought me a ton of joy.

My favourite bike!

Just picked my bike up from fed ex. I absolutely love it. The build quality and craftsmanship is superb. It's quickly becoming my favourite bike!

Assembly was quick and the inclusion of all the tools was a wonderful touch.
'm super happy and love the bike! Kudos for such a quality product and I will def be spreading the word to all my fgb riders.

Spare wheels

I had just bought the matte black stealth and one of the tires came with an improperly trued front tire. Customer service was excellent and understandimg sent a wheel set just a few days after. Quick and easy Customer service. Highly recommended if your looking into getting a bike from Regal!!!