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Amazing bike for crossing the US!

I crossed the United-States (Chicago to L.A) on the classic fixie The Duke. I just want to say that this bicycle is indestructible and really fast. I did 5000 km in the mountains, forests, deserts, and countries. In 10 differents states, theres a lot of things that can happen. I tested my body limits with different kind of weathers, pavements, slopes and your bike always followed.

I just want to thank Regal, you provided me a quality bicycle for a cheap price and the bike is still good for a couple of years ! I think that people should know what Regal is, what the bikes can do and how far you can go with one of your bike without problems.

Wow!!! Thanks so much for this. Reading about your trip put a big smile on my face. Looks like you had an epic journey. Please feel free to reach out, would love to learn more. - Ray

Absolutely Zero Complaints

I couldn't say more positive things about my experience with Regal as a whole.

Prior to my purchase, I had reached out to them with a few preliminary questions regarding a potential purchase. The response I received was timely, professional and very helpful. I had correspondence with Ray from Regal regarding the Assassin specifically. His expertise really sealed the deal as I was still hesitant in regards to making the purchase. I must admit that I am more than happy that I decided to follow through. Upon receiving the bike and tearing open the packaging in excitement, I found that the actual construction of the bike was easy and straight forward. The instruction manual was simple to follow and really made the difference. I actually had an issue with my brakes that I emailed Ray about. He was quick to get back to me with a solution.

The actual performance of the bike is phenomenal. It's a smooth riding and responsive bike. I can't wait for better weather so I can enjoy it even more.

If you are thinking about buying a Regal, I implore you to reach out to them. Their education, willingness to help and professionalism will hopefully push you to make that purchase, because it did for me. I am not a bicycle savant, so it was nice to have someone talk me through my purchase and help me along the way.

Tremendous Bike & Customer Service

Super stoked on my new bike! It was a great price, arrived very quickly, and was super easy to put together. It really does look even more stunning in person. I had a minor issue with my order and emailed Regal about it. They got back to me with in the hour asking for some additional detail on the issue. After providing them with such, I received a phone call from Regal a short time later where they provided a solution. It was really refreshing to have a company pick up the phone to discuss and solve the issue in such a direct and efficient manner. You could really tell they care about the customer experience and their product. The bike rides amazing, I could not be happier with how it feels. Buy Regal, you won't regret it.

Best fixie under $500

I love my Nova regal fixie! So many different colour options to find the perfect fit for you.

Such an amazing bike for under $500.
Free shipping was also a big deciding factor for me! It came to the door really quickly and was very simple to put together.

One of the most comfortable in-city rides on a bike I’ve ever ridden. Also very light and very easy to carry around as it is only 11kg!

I recommend Regal Fixies to all my friends and family.


This has been an awesome experience from start to finish. All the pictures and bike descriptions made it fun and easy to choose my ride. The bike was delivered within just 2 days and all was perfect!. If you guys have any doubts about assembly, it is fairly simple, and the provided guide has just what you need, so make a pot tea, crack open a beer or pop a bottle of wine and enjoy! The evening ride was bliss!

Merci Regal!

Loving the new ride!

Thanks regal!

Couldn't be happier

Another hipster thing to add to my collection

Loose fixed gear.

The bike was sent with a loose locknut on the fixed gear. I find that ordinary... The locknut was already starting to be stripped after 2-3 rides.

Thanks for your order Mic, the bicycles do come mostly assembled and there is some assembly and tightening required. We do make a mention of it in the assembly guide (online & print) and always recommend having the bike built by a mechanic.

Beautiful ride

Was not sure what to expect since this is my first road bicycle. Well totally blew my mind, as soon as I got it out of the package I was stunned. Absolutely beautiful bicycle. Assembly was pretty straight forward I was not expecting the nice aluminum pedals, heavy duty brakes! This thing is gorgeous. What a ride super fast takes corners easier than anything I’ve ridden, with the 3 speed it takes hills awesome.


what is the diameter that handlebars need to be to fit your shitty stem???? I have bought several handlebars that don't fit...

Hi Parker, the stem diameter at the clamp is 25.4mm and the specs are listed on the product page under the specs tab. If you emailed us we would be happy to give you the specs and recommendations on where to get one. Also, if you have had any issues with the bike please feel free to reach out at would be happy to help.

Amazing Bike!

Last summer I got the stealth, my first fixie, and loved riding it. I put over 1000km on it in the city. The gear ratio is great and I was able to grind up almost every hill in Edmonton. Can't wait to ride again this summer!

Thanks Tyler! Really happy that you are loving the bike.

Flying Hi

Bought the Phoenix over four years ago now. I've just been a passenger ever since. The track style set-up.......ooooooo. That tight little frame, just glowing red in the blistering sun. You can dip this shit like your grampawwwws cookies, the 'ThickSlicks' provide all that extra surface area for gliding around corners. This glorious creature will lend you all the forgiveness you need to continue your'e life of sin. Bomb a hill straight into a set of train tracks if you want, long as your PSI is running to par you'll have no problem with those deep dish wimmmms. Simply put, this things worth every penny. Outside your regular wear and tear (break pads, tubes,ect.) i haven't had as much as a chain fall off. Well done on guys. Will definitely continue to support anyway i can.

IG: dinglemenhammarswell

The Price is Right

Just got my Regal Prince and what a great bike. I have riden for almost 40 years. BMX, raced downhill, freeride and road bikes. But man a fixie is so much fun. The web pictures do no justice to how beautiful these bikes are in person. As soon as I got it together I was drooling. I was riding tonight and it was a blast. I have owned $4000 downhill bikes and for the price of the Regal Prince I was total impressed by the Quality. Cheers to everyone involved in the production of these bikes. Can't beat 'em. I'm hooked. cheers


First and foremost, the customer service at Regal Bicycles is top notch. They respond quick and are happy to help and clarify with any concerns one may encounter. I ordered the Matte Stealth classic fixie and was blown away by the quality of the bike components while assembling. The bike looks amazing and rides like a beauty. My GF wanted a Regal bike too, after seeing mine! She opted for the White Horse 3-Speed City Bike. The assembly was simple and fun, and the bike looks and feels great as well.

We cannot wait to ride our bikes around the city and put our friends and family on Regal Bicycles. Amazing bikes and amazing customer service!

Thanks RAY!

Amazing Customer Service

We bought the White Horse and Cheval. Absolutely love the bikes. But the customer service is what really shines. Only six business days elapsed between order and receipt. Ray at regal bikes sent a link so I knew where my bikes where and a link so I could review assembly prior to receipt. The few minor issues i did encounter were resolved without question and without delay. I did require one part to be replaced and Ray shipped it overnight to me. The customer service reviews were one of the reasons we purchased regal bikes. This is not hype. The bikes are perfect. Wanted a three speed, not that easy to find. These were easy assembly with very good instructions. The gearing is right for our area, fairly flat. I've never ridden a bike that seems to coast non-stop like these. We bought black and white so they would be easier to buy touch up paint for. They both came with touch up paint. The only items I had to purchase separately were kickstands and a presta valve to shrader valve adapter. If you can't decide on Regal based on the bike, buy them based on customer service.

Best bike money can buy

There were so many options for fixed gear bikes and I was overwhelmed with the choices. I am so happy I picked the matte stealth.

Regal makes a phenomenal bike with great quality of material and overall performance. This bike rips and I mean it. It’s perfect for city riding or for me, it’s great for getting to class. The bike is so smooth and is very nimble when trying to dodge pot holes or crazy drivers. It’s also SUPER light i can carrying up 2 flights of stairs into my apartment with no worries. This bike is also a head turner, super sexy and guaranteed to get all the street cred.

With the logistics I was able to speak with someone choosing the right spec and shipping was free!! Super fast shipping and really reliable. This bike really changed my life and it’s only been a month. REGAL IS THE WAY TO GO!!

very good customer service

good value. very good service, both pre and post sale, including warranty claims. all questions i had before ordering were quickly responded to. got my bike couple of days after ordering. i had some issues with a pedal but a replacement was quickly shipped with no questions asked.

comfortable fast ride

I am an avid comuter and joy ride fixie rider in Kingston On. I have the stealth fixie and it is amazing. I enjoy how light it feels while riding and the depth of the rim looks awesome. This bike is wicked fast and I feel so comfortable in your foot straps with the wide peddles.

The smoothest riding fixie

I bought this bike to replace another fixe I had, that was unfortunately wrecked in an accident, and man was this ever an amazing upgrade! NOTE ; it took under 36 hours from purchase to when it arrived at my door, which is stupid fast.

I’ve had this bike for 4 months and I rode it daily all summer and all I can say is after the break in period that you have with any bike, I can ride faster and more agile than most bikes out their! I use the bike as a fixie and if your on the fence for getting one, GET A PREMIUM FIXIE FROM REGAL!! If you have the extra cash to buy the more expensive bike which is still very Inexpensive. I couldn’t recommend this bike more! It’s the lightest bike I’ve owned and makes travelling through downtown so much easier. You will have people looking at you everywhere with how sexy this bike looks.

If you want a SMOOTH AS BUTTER ride, that’s also INSANELY LIGHT, there’s no other place I would look to go!

Buy Regal.

Amazed! Well built piece of art

I was amazed at the quality of this well built machine The Master is a piece of art...

All the components are rock solid and the Ritchie set is a plus +++ to the ensemble !

It was on the road for a 100 km test drive on the weekend and what a magnificent surprise to ride this wild stallion!! This ride is responsive, fast and comfortable.

The crew I was out with all wanted to try it out and all were amazed by the ride of this beauty. Even if they were on there Carbon/Campagnolo bikes.

Ive been riding and racing road/track for more then 4 decades, on very high end machines and let me say that this bike is just as great as the Italian machines I have had the privilege to own over the years.

The only negative thing to add, is that I did not get the advertised brake levers in my order. The ones that came with the bike give a average fit, and I had to tap the treads on the left lever retaining clip. But they do the job !

Thanks again and long life to Regal bicycles!

Great Customer Service

I bought my Stealth bike back in March and have been riding it almost regularly (I'm a road rider and use this as my daily beater), this bike is a lot better than I thought, it looks great and the gear ratio is perfect for commuting in Toronto. I had a small issue a couple weeks back, I emailed Regal and they sent me a replacement part right away, no questions asked. Customer service is excellent and they stand by their warranty. I would not hesitate buying from them again.

perfect bike and customer service!

i ordered my bike online and had regal ship it directly to a bike shop for assembly, i had a bunch of questions before the order and tom got back to me with all the answers to my questions quickly. i have had the bike for about 3 weeks now and i really love it! the bike rides very smooth and is ideal for my 8km commute daily into downtown toronto. love the product, keep up the good work!

Customer service took care of everything

I bought the Carmine two weeks ago, and I love it. There were two or three small issues with my order, and Customer Service took care of everything promptly and to my satisfaction. Great company, and great bikes.

Perfect bike!

This bike is exactly what I was looking for in a lightweight single speed, great price for what you get, quality parts and looks incredible!


I LOVE this bike. I started riding it a week ago and have already received a lot of compliments on it. Not only is it a nice looking bike, but it is a joy to ride. I highly recommend this bike!