Common Assembly Mistakes or Issues


First make sure that you are attaching the correct pedals to the cranks. At the base of the pedals it says “R” for the drive side crank, and “L” for the crank arms without the chan-ring.

Left Pedal Not Threading In - the threads on the left crank are in reverse. The left pedal must be threaded in counterclockwise, backwards. “Lefty Tighty” in this case.

Pedals must be torqued in properly. If the pedals are not torqued in, after a few rides, the pedal will loosen and rip the thread out of the crank. Replacement cranks arms are not covered under warranty. 

    Front Wheel Hitting the Frame

    For packaging purposes the fork is turned around, when you attach the wheel to the fork when it is turned in the front wheel will hit the frame. Simply turn the fork around and it will solve the problem.

      Brake Not Attached 

      Brake Cable Not Attached. The brake cable does not come attached to the lever. Do not disassemble the lever in an attempt to attach the cable. Here’s a quick little video we found on YouTube that will help you out, start 45 second in:

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