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How To Control Your Fixed Gear Bike

So, you have made the bold decision to join the bandwagon and jump on the trend which is fixed bike riding? Good for you. The bad news comes in when you realize that fixie bikes are the most challenging types of bikes you can ever come across. Unless you learn to control these brakeless wonders, you can find yourself in the ER. You do not want that, right?

These bikes are basically built for extreme tricks and you should be careful before you hop onto one. The injuries that you can get are at times life-threatening, so you need to learn the basics of how to control your fixed gear bike. Here are some tips on how you can reduce the speed of your roll on a bicycle with no brakes.

What you will need

You shall need all the necessary safety gear. Do not neglect any padding you can get. Remember, safety first. You should have a helmet for your head, you do not want your skull to be bashed into the sidewalk. Have pads on your shoulders, your knees or basically anywhere else you can have a pad. If you live in a densely populated area have road marks on the areas you will be practicing. The most important thing you should have a fixed gear bicycle with pedal retention mechanisms and also a lock ring which is really tight.

If you choose to do your training in an area with traffic it should have brakes. The reason why you should consider this is that no matter how well you execute your tricks you will never stop as fast when you don’t have brakes than when you had brakes. The whole point is that you learn how to stop your fixed gear bike so you should at least have the front brakes.

Find a safe place for practice

Stuntmen and women, or in general, bicycle couriers have popularized fixie bike riding, but it would be foolish for a beginner to start practicing in an area with dense traffic. That will really hazardous. A traffic heavy setting is only good if you have perfected the art of bike riding and of course if you have the stones to do it. Bravery is one thing that you should have. Before you take part in such a dangerous activity ensure that you are at least well versed in the act of stopping your fixie bicycle.

As a beginner, you should look for an area with a lot of space to maneuver or in particular, fall. You should sue abandoned car parking lots or cycling tracks, go for the indoor ones. This is because you are going to be suing a brakeless bike any type of accident could end your life because you will be at very high speeds.

Expect your stops

For you to perfect fixie bike riding and stopping in general, you should be aware at all times. Riding a fixed bike is very involving and any loss of concentration will lead to an unexpected incident. You need to be aware of your surroundings and ensure that you are continuously scanning your road or pavement. For you have the capability of stopping you should be able to anticipate your stops.

You should have a defined stopping point and ensure that set your goal around that. You can have markers at these specific points. When you have a set, red zone, you can practice stopping with ease. The other advantage to doing this is that you might even have the capability of skidding around obstacles in the long run. You might learn a whole new trick.

Choose the method of braking

When doing this you should be very confident because of the inherent danger. The added advantage you will have is that when it comes to slowing down you are afforded a couple of choices. The most common styles of braking are the following.

• Pace pedaling: this is a type of braking were you reduce the pace of your pedaling when you get close to your stopping point. This is among the easiest ways if slowing a fixie down. This is because the rotation of the back wheel and the rotation of the pedals are usually interconnected. Reducing an end brings about the same end on the other end. When you’re low down your pedal motion you will most probably have put a damper on your forward momentum. The only drawback to this type of braking I that when you try to stop hastily the pedals will just continue to turn, this happens mostly when you are almost hitting something.

• Skid stopping: this is the most dangerous type of stopping and it involves leaning forward and relieving the back wheel of your weight. This will enable you to reduce the speed you will be moving at because the traction of your rear wheel will no longer be there.

We hope you have learnt the basics of how you can control your fixed gear bicycles. If you want to buy one, talk to us today and find out more!

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Which Bicycle Style Should You Go For?

Well, buying a bicycle cannot be compared to buying a vehicle, but it is also not a situation to be taken lightly. There are many bicycle retailers in the market and the decision can be really tough if you do not know what you want. It is rather mandatory that you know what you want to get out of your investment. This is because the chances that you will fall in love with your bike are very high, so it is rather recommended that you go for the best bike out there. There are many types of bikes, but what matters is what you aim to accomplish with a certain bike. Is it for hiking or is it for cruising? Here are the various types of bicycles you can opt for:

Road bikes

These are the type of bicycles that you would want to ride on the pavement. Smooth terrains with no bumps or any rough patches. The road tire is a rather delicate type of bike because it is not constructed for harsh trails. The road bike has skinny tires, which lack treads on them. They are referred to as flicked tires. Their handle bars are basically ramming like in structure because they are usually dropped or rather facing downwards. Basically, when you’re cycling in a road bike you will be at a certain position for a long time, you will be in a static position. This will come as an advantage because you do not have to make quick adjustments or movements since you will be on a flat surface.

The handlebars offer a variety of positions because of their elongated structure. They offer multiple hand positions which you can use in case you become tired or in case you want to change your speed. The best thing about road bikes is that they are made to be cycled in groups, in short you can ride in in a peloton. A peloton is usually a group of riders.

You are able to make dynamic moves, but not the types of moves you can make on a fixed gear bicycle or a mountain bike. Since they are made for long rides, their seats or rather their saddles are usually initially hard and can be considered uncomfortable. This is usually because they give the maximum skeletal support, this will come in handy because you can go for a long journey without experiencing any sort of discomfort.

Mountain bikes

These bikes are made for the adrenalin junkies and individuals who are into dynamic terrains and off road cycling. They are also the best type of bikes for single track trails. They are generally durable because they stand out as the toughest types of bikes as compared to the rest. They have broader wheels which are usually thick in girth. The wheels also have treads which comes in handy when going through rocky patches. With these treads they do so well in mud or water because the treads offer more balance.

Mountain bikes have straight handle bars. They are usually situated higher than the drop bars and are far much nearer to the cyclist. The top part of their head tube is also placed really close to the rider to enhance a more stable, aggressive and upright position. All these modifications are ideal for the type of terrain, these bikes are designed to scale. These bikes have fork and shock suspension. Some bikes are customized to offer their own sense of balance by sitting on the saddle and moving forward or backward.

Cruiser bikes

These are bikes that are essential for taking leisure strolls or quick errands. The cruiser bikes are made with comfortable saddles. The comfy seat shows that this is a laid back type of bike. They are not however good for journeys. They are suitable for short distances because you will have to stay in a static position for a very long time. Also, they do not absorb a lot of shock, so they are not made for the dynamic terrains unlike mountain bikes.

The gear systems vary among different cruiser bikes and although some have multiple gears, most just have one. This translates to the fact that they cannot scale hills easily without straining the rider.

Fixie bikes

These bikes are gaining huge popularity these days. They are not designed for newbies or beginners. Well, all of them do not have brakes on their back hubs. This means that these bikes have no brakes. They only have front brakes. They are used to perform tricks most of the times. They only have a single gear, which is fixed. The basics of riding such a bike are tough that is because you have to use the weight of your body to slow down. Most of these bikes are later customized and turned into racing bikes.

Bicycles are generally fun to ride and they provide individuals with a sense of relaxation, so if you are interested in looking for a specialty bike such as a fixed gear bicycle, call us. We offer the best bike deals in town!

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Quick Essentials To Know About Fixed Gear Bicycles

Fixed gear bicycles or fixie bikes, as they are commonly referred to, are bicycles without any free wheel mechanism. They have a drivetrain like any normal bicycle, but what they lack is the free wheel mechanism. The development of the free wheel was done long ago, but the fixie bikes remained as track bikes. They were bikes which were basically used for racing competitions. The fixie bike is becoming increasingly popular these days and it surely is more simplistic when compared to its multi geared counterpart.

The fixed gear bike was mainly made for cyclists in urban areas, they are generally fast and the most suitable for individuals who run several errands. That is because they offer the basic qualities for any fast response errand. They are generally light and quite streamlined. For anyone who has the need for speed this is the recommended type because it has that racing design.


These bikes often tend to incorporate this type of structure in order for the pedals to remain stagnant or stationery when the bicycle is still mobile. This allows the cyclist the chance to coast, this is a term used to refer to the type of cycling where a cyclist doesn’t pedal. Instead, he or she uses the forward momentum available. A fixie bike’s drivetrain has its cog or drive sprocket bolted or screwed directly to the back wheels hub. This enables the cyclist to continue pedaling. The pedals turn in the same direction as the back wheel.

All these modifications come in handy to a cyclist, this is because all that increases your cycling capabilities by enhancing the braking system. You are allowed to apply a braking pressure with your legs and your body weight, this is made possible due to the fact that a fixie bike’s structure enables you to resist the revolution of the cranks. All fixed gear bicycles have one thing in common, they are all single speed. There is no chance that a derailleur can be fitted to the bicycle. This is because the chain cannot have any slack.

The only possible solution is going to the hub gearing. This is a mechanism that allows you to install your gear modifications at the back wheel. This will bring to place a multi speed arrangement to the fixie bike. Some fixie bikes only have the front brakes while others do not have brakes at all.

The functions

There are many roles that a fixie bike can serve. They are mainly used by messengers in big cities. Their speed and efficient pedaling systems give them an upper hand when it comes to cycling. Paper delivery boys or girls at times use fixed gear bikes to deliver newspapers in neighborhoods. Among the most important uses of fixie bikes is racing. Fixed bikes can be optimized and with a few modifications they can be made into track bikes. These types of bikes are used to race in outdoor tracks or velodromes. The good pedaling style is what makes them so efficient.

Also, they are used by hill climbers. Their braking systems lend a helping hand when it comes to scaling these rough terrains. This is because when you look at the stable pedaling system you are allowed to maintain your balance in rocky patches. Also, it can come in handy when you’re tired, the pedaling system helps in in pedaling. It generally makes your work easier.

Fixie bikes are generally used in competition scenarios. It might be cycle ball, bike polo or even artistic cycling. The design of a fixie bike suits all these sports. Their simplistic mode of usage and lower maintenance costs are among the few things that are making these bikes so popular. They are easily fixable and do not require the amount of maintenance that other bikes require. This is majorly due to the fact that gears are what make a bicycle prone to damage. The gears are usually the most worn out parts of any multi geared bicycle, the constant oiling and the continuous turning of the cogs ensure that the gear needs repair half of the time it is actually in use.

The advantages

The most beckoning feature on a fixed gear bicycle is its low weight. Without the other added parts that a bicycle has, the weight of this specific type of bike is generally reduced. Its geared equivalents have a lot of weight because at times they have increased bars in their makeup. The metals used to make multi geared bikes are often heavier due to the fact that they will be supporting more weight than the fixie bikes. A fixie bike’s drive chain mechanism is also the most efficient since it transfers maximum power from the cyclist’s legs to the pedals hence can make the riding easier.

Now that you know more about fixie bikes, pay us a visit if you want to purchase one. We have a wide selection of fixed gear bicycles that can definitely meet different budgets and preferences.

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Why Brooks Saddles Are The Best

Saddles are what make bicycles usable, the soft leather cushion where you place your whole body’s weight is very important. Every saddle has its own benefits, but the Brooks saddle tends to beat them all. Obviously, everyone has his or her own saddle of choice. It all depends on where you feel comfortable sitting. Whenever you come across any bike shop you come across various saddles. They are many types of saddles there and the most common one is the gel saddle. These gel saddles tend not to be the best solution to your woes. Here's what you need to know:

The gel saddle is not ideal

This is not the advisable choice you should opt for. The gel saddle seems comfortable to the eye but eventually if you’re looking for something that will benefit your body in the long run, you should be ready to watch out for fakes. In short, all that glitters is not gold. The reason why gel saddles might not be the suitable choice is because you will be having two pressure points when you sit on your saddle. This means that there will be two points that will be pushing down your saddle. These two points are your sitting bones.

When these two bones push the gel saddle in a downward position, the gel elevates and pushes upwards between your sit bones. This is a rather risky bargain, especially for the men, this region is the prostate area. Gel saddles are bound to thin out with time this is because they are not durable and are most definitely going to compact with time. The tough Brooks saddles which seem to be less comfortable prove to be the durable solutions to all the problems individuals might be facing. Again, I say do not judge the book by its cover.

How the Brook saddle scores

Especially in fixie bikes, Brooks saddles seem to be the solution. They are made of hard leather and it is really weird that you might think that leather will turn out to be comfortable than gel. Well, it is true, they will become more comfortable with time. This is because leather softens with time. As the leather gets used more often it wears out, leather does not wear out negatively, it gets softer and in the long run you will find that it will be more comfortable than the other saddles, that’s if the other saddles actually survive for that whole time. Brooks saddles are more durable than all the other saddles in the market.

The other advantage of the Brooks saddle is that it molds to your specific rear type. The more pressure you apply to your saddle the more it blends with your rear type. It evens out as it should and sooner or later you will find out that you will be a perfect fit for your saddle even if you weren’t initially. The basics are that the effort you put in and the patience you have will eventually pay off when it comes to Brooks saddles.


You might think that all the Brooks saddles are good for you, well you should not rush into that decision. There are various types of Brooks saddles and they differ in their shapes, moldings and sizes. The difference is usually based on the fact that most of these saddles are usually sprung and others are usually not sprung. The only way that you will know which one is good for you is by trying them all. Ensure that you are conversant with all types of the Brooks saddles and you can decipher which one is suitable for your body type.

There are various types of Brooks saddles and they are all capable of functioning effectively. There are classified in models and there is the B67 and the B17, these are just two among an array of other models. The B17 saddle is the most common and the most loved saddle. It is among the older models of these types of saddles and it tends to be very comfortable when it comes to bike riding.

These types of saddles are suitable for fixed gear bikes. This is because the amount of effort put while riding a fixie bike is a lot and the increased pressure on the saddle will surely diminish any soft padded saddle. With such bikes you need tough textured long lasting saddles and that what Brooks saddles offer.

The B67 is usually broader and hence with the increased width you get more sitting space. The only drawback is that the increased width tends to increase the amount of rubbing that takes place. For men this is quite dangerous because the area that get continuously rubbed is the prostate area. So basically the B17 model should be the recommended type for any bike lover.

So now that you know what Brooks saddles can do for you, give us a call if you want to buy the saddle at affordable rates. We have a comprehensive inventory of Brooks saddles for you to choose from.
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Understanding The Types Of Hubs For Fixed Gear Bicycles

The hub found in a fixed bike is what makes it complete. Without it, you do not have a bike in your hands. Everything is connected to the rear hub and your balance is also determined by the rear hub. There are various types of rear hubs which you can install in your fixie bike as you partake in your daily sticks and stunts. Obviously, you need a durable hub for the kind of activities you will be taking part in. There are four types of hubs available: the track hub, the flip flop hub, the freewheel hub or the cassette hub.

The track hub

The recommended way to go for a fixed gear setup is to construct a new rear wheel. You can use a track hub in such an activity. The distinct feature of any track hub is their stepped threads. The main thread that the wheels spokes or sprockets are attached to is similar to that of a freewheel hub. Apart from that a threaded section which has a smaller diameter acts as a special lock ring. This is a very efficient type of hub because when you screw your sprocket tight and lead it down securely, the lock ring screws down too. This ensures that the sprocket can both get unbolted because if the sprocket should start getting loose it will move the lock ring in a counter clockwise direction, hence only tightening the lock ring.

Flip flop hubs

They are also called double sided hubs. They have threads on both sides. One side is built with a track type threading, which has a lock ring. The other side is constructed with a single speed freewheel there are mostly standard editions. There are few instances that both sides have track threading, but these are usually very scarce.

The common way in which flip flop hubs are used is by having a fixed gear on one side and having the single speed gear on the other side. The freewheel sprocket during most times is built in a way that it in or two teeth bigger than the sprocket which is fixed. You should cycle with the fixed gear most of the time on your fixed gear bicycle and save the other type which is the freewheel single gear for the longer journeys. The freewheel type is usually good for when you are completely exhausted that is because it reduces the work load when it comes to turning the pedals.

The way a flip flop hub is constructed ensures that the freewheel is usually larger than the fixed sprocket. This comes in handy in a very distinct way because you are given a lower gear, hence you can climb a steep slope with ease. You can coast when you have the flip flop hub hence your descents are not disadvantaged. These hubs are mostly found in BMXs because these bikes are mostly singe speed. If you choose to use a flip flop hub you will have two braking systems on your bicycle.

The conventional freewheel hub

If you want to change your multispeed bike into a fixed gear bike is by using the rear gear hub like a conventional threaded freewheel hub, it is possible because a fixed sprocket will thread right on but the only downside is the fact that there will be no provision for the lock ring. Hence, your sprocket can unscrew if you apply too much pressure on your pedals. If you choose to sue these ideology you should have a strong adhesive. You should also improvise and use a lock ring from a threaded bottom bracket this will increase your safety when you are on the bike.

The easiest way to go is by screwing the sprocket all together, but the downside here is that the chain line most of the times will remain incorrect. You will be needed to rearrange the spacers and correct the chain line because you will have tampered with the bike's axle. After you have done all that you still have to re-dish the wheel so that everything will move correctly and reduce the chances of an eventual chain break.

Cassette hubs

These types of hub as designed to be used with disc wheels. It is usually very expensive, so it would not make sense if you buy it and you do not already have a good wheel. This type of hub will ensure that you will modify your multi speed be into a single speed bike. The fixed bikes that have these type of hubs installed are usually very effective on the road, the riders are assured of their safety because of the modifications on the sprockets and the gears themselves. This type of hub ensures that your chain line remains correct and there are no chain breaks at all.

All in all, these are the various types of hubs you can install on your fixed gear bike for better efficiency and if you want to know more tips for fixed bicycles, visit our blog often!

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